Investment-grade corporate credit and the pandemic

Vanguard’s credit team sees opportunities to add value, including within some of the more COVID-affected sectors.

The unusual opportunity of the U.S. election

The U.S. presidential election gives investors the chance to assess their comfort with uncertainty they know is coming.

Vanguard takes steps to align municipal money market lineup...

Two Vanguard municipal money market funds will close due to reduced supply of specific high-quality securities.

4 important things Vanguard investors have in common

Learn how Vanguard investors unite under the 4 pillars of our philosophy: goals, balance, controlling costs, and discipline

New ESG corporate bond ETF launched today

Explore how ESG investing and our latest fund can play a valuable role in your portfolio

Vanguard readies for life after LIBOR

As this important financial industry benchmark will cease to exist after 2021, Vanguard has begun preparing to transition away from...

Investing in a stock, bond, ETF, or mutual fund

Learn more about some of the different investment products you can choose for your portfolio

2020 Schedule of dividend distributions

The tables below list Vanguard mutual funds and ETFs (exchange-traded funds) that may distribute quarterly income dividends.


Guidance on revisiting your portfolio and what steps to take to help meet your investment goals.

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