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These Abductions Are Government Sponsored – Soldier

A Nigerian soldier who speaks on the condition of anonymity has tied the Government of Nigeria at the Federal and State levels to the abductions in the country, saying they are all government sponsored.
The soldier who goes by the handle username YourOnlineDiagnostician and handle @PostMastaGen on Twitter shared a 31-tweet long thread, hinting that the discovery of gold in Nigeria is the beginning of her woes.“Knowing about the existence of gold, a former governor of the state decided to keep the gold for the state as there were no laws governing minerals from states since we moved to oil. Indigenes didn’t even know the worth of what they had so they remained impoverished. Now this governor engaged in child labor and illegal mining of gold. What do I mean by illegal? Kids from ages 8 to 17 years were put in the mines to find gold. The gold will then be flown out of Zamfara, out of Nigeria to countries like Sudan and Cameroon where it can be properly mined and then sold off for its actual value. President Goodluck Jonathan got wind of this illegal act and tried to put a measure on it. So when the state government knew the DSS was on to them, he drew up a perfect plan”, he tweeted.
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“(The US is the largest dealer of illegally mined gold.) Foreigners from the US, Saudi Arabia and other gold loving countries came to Nigeria to register shadow businesses in the name of helping the state and Nigeria make proper use of its lead. On one hand they were mining lead and at the back, they were taking raw gold out of Nigeria on private planes or helicopters. They were hardly searched since they were given private clearance to do business in Nigeria, just because they are WHITE (yes I said it). A black man would have been searched up to his ass just to make sure he wasn’t stealing but the white man got the special treatment. Now here is the sharing formula. The average kid working in the mines made a daily wage of less than 4 dollars 29 cents. On an average , 40,000 grams of gold is excavated everyday. At that time, 1000 gram of pure gold would sell at 10 million naira. When you do the maths you know how much that is. The state government would retain 60 percent of the actual value while 40 percent went to the foreigners. Today 1000 grams of gold is worth 22 million naira. Do the maths and tell me why people won’t kill for Gold”, he added. These Abductions Are Government Sponsored - Soldier Photos Credit: Getty

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